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Imagine Business Development helps small and mid-sized business enterprises grow. Long before content marketing even had a name, we were leveraging our sales efforts with content. Now, one of our core services is helping our clients create content to support their own sales efforts. We’re reinventing the way companies sell—transforming our client’s go-to-market strategy into a clearly understood, effective execution program.

Marketing & Communications Specialist 

Curious if you're a fit? Here is what we're looking for:

  • Marketing excites you and you want to learn more. 
  • You've researched inbound marketing on your own, and you get it.
  • You’re not happy unless you’re managing multiple projects with lots of activities.
  • You're analytical and have a thing for numbers. 
  • You care about growing your own presence online via your own social profiles and personal blog. 
  • You're ambitious and you work hard.
  • You are a do-er who loves fast-paced environments. 
  • You enjoy an unstructured, fast-paced environment where the only limits to your growth are your own capabilities.

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