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The Imagine Business Development Team

TEAM [teem] noun
1. a number of persons forming one of the sides in a game or contest: a football team.

2. a number of persons associated in some joint action: a team of advisers.

If you’re reading this, we’re pretty sure that you probably already understand what a team is. That said, seeing the definition reminds everyone of the idea that teamwork should be fun. (Plus, our founder Doug, a former college baseball coach, loves nothing more than a sports reference.) Unfortunately, the “fun” aspect often gets lost in today’s workplace. 

At Imagine, we believe that you're only as good as the person sitting next to you. It's paramount to our company's success to have a team that not only works well together, but enjoys working together as well. 

If you want to learn more about the Imagine team, each person’s photo links to a bio with social media info.

The Team

Meet the Interns

Some of the work we do at Imagine wouldn't be possible without a little help. Our interns have helped us in almost every facet of the business , and each person ahs been able to dive into multiple areas of sales, marketing, and revenue operations. We're always looking for helping hands to make what we do even better.


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