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“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, 
and I shall move the world.” -Archimedes

What’s the difference between a lever and a stick?  As Archimedes understood, the difference is a fulcrum.  In business, “strategy” is your fulcrum.

If you can completely and confidently answer these 10 questions, then you have a solid strategy:

  1. Do we have a clearly stated value proposition (single idea, less than 15 seconds) that is fully understood by everyone in the company?  It is …
  2. Do we fully understand our customers/clients (we understand them and their business better than they understand themselves) and have we profiled who our Best Few™ customers/clients are?
  3. Do we have growth targets that are clearly identified, communicated and understood by all in the company?
  4. Do we know how we are going to achieve those targets?
  5. Do we have a clearly articulated, communicated and understood execution plan that is monitored and adhered to?
  6. Do we have a clearly communicated market message or brand promise that is understood and valued by the market?
  7. Are we clear on what our company and our offerings are? And why they are better choices for our customers, compared to our competition?
  8. Do we have a clear profile and understanding of the type of talent we need to grow in the market?
  9. Is our sales team and process structured in a way to provide clear rewards us for the risk we take in the market?
  10. Do we have a clear, effective filter to gauge which opportunities to pursue and how to effectively apply resources?

Answering NO to one question above makes you susceptible to the challenges of growth.  For each NO, the dangers increase exponentially.

The Demand Creation Blueprint™ is a systematic process, typically taking 6 – 8 weeks, which transforms any company’s go-to-market strategy into a clearly understood, effective execution program.

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