As Imagine’s Inbound Marketing Manager, Sammi is responsible for implementing and executing demand generation efforts. Sammi focuses on increasing customer engagement and generating lift for all of your marketing efforts. As a HubSpot Certified Trainer, she helps clients learn the in’s and out’s of the software to help bolster their sales and marketing efforts.

In her free time, Sammi enjoys riding and competing horses. A West Texas A&M graduate, she rode for the National Championship winning Lady Buffs. Sammi also enjoys the great outdoors, hiking, biking and kayaking. 

Fun fact: Sammi is a 24X horseback riding national champion (but who’s counting…)
An honorary Texan, Sammi lived in the greatest state in the nation for 10 years before moving to be closer to her family. 
Her horses’ name is Elvis (and yes he has the hairdo to match, just ask her!)


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