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Hannah Rose

Demand Generation Manager

Hannah is Imagine’s Demand Generation Manager. On the daily she works to further clients’ marketing efforts to increase engagement and traffic through social media and other curated content. Hannah is also the face of Imagine’s Twitter and continuously seeks to enhance growth in all realms of marketing - especially The Sales Genius Network. 

She recently graduated from James Madison University and bleeds purple and gold. Hannah’s originally from Virginia Beach, but will soon be moving every couple of years due to her family being military. When she isn’t working, she is most likely spending time with her fiance, hanging out with friends, or watching football (Go Pack Go!). She has a passion for photography and art, and enjoys being outside without burning. 

Fun Facts:
  • At JMU, Hannah was the President of Friends of Rachel (FORJMU)
  • She is an avid Sims player and has been since she was young
  • She has a golden retriever (Lambeau) whose fur is the same color as her hair