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The complexity and demands for executing a strong customer acquisition and success program continue to multiply. The growing sophistication, demands, and expectations from buyers have combined with stronger competition and more complex marketing, sales, and service environments to manifest bigger challenges than ever before. The reality is that the modern growth focused organization hasn't responded well. Research from a variety of sources highlight that nearly 50% of salespeople miss quota, salespeople spend just over 1/3rd of their time actually selling and acquisition costs are growing at a faster rate than customer or revenue growth rates are. 

Companies have been very successful over the last decade with their investment in demand and lead generation technologies and strategies. The problem is that while they've focused on building the market-facing aspects of their processes, they've missed the core operations, or "plumbing" that is required to both manage the associated complexity and unlock the latent potential of their investments.

Sales operations (as well as marketing operations or revenue operations) is the set of activities and processes that take place within your customer acquisition and customer success organization that enables people to do their jobs more effectively and deliver results with greater velocity and predictability.

What It's Like to Work on Sales Operations With Imagine

what-is-sales-ooperationsOur CEO, Doug Davidoff, says it best, "The toughest lesson I've learned in business is that while ideas, strategy and even execution are important, at the end of the day the real difference between successfully sustaining smart growth comes down to the plumbing." Sales Operations is all about building, managing and optimizing your "plumbing" to make every aspect of your customer acquisition and success program work better.

Imagine's deep expertise of all facets of marketing, demand generation, sales and success services enables us to deliver a unique solution through our Sales Operations Services.

The role of Sales Operations is to increase the velocity and predictability of your processes. With Imagine, our focus is always on achieving your desired outcomes and eliminating the barriers that threaten their achievement. Whether you're looking to initiate a sales operations function, enhance one that's already in place or address a specific issue, Imagine's Sales Operations Solutions Group can fill your gap, enabling you to achieve more...faster.

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Imagine's 5 Disciplines of Sales Operations

Territory & Compensation Management

  • Territory Design & Optimization
  • Compensation & Incentive Plan
    • Design 
    • Optimization
    • Compliance
  • Scenario Planning
  • ROI 

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Design, Manage & Optimize The Tech Stack

  • Tech Stack Roadmap
  • Identification & Evaluation
    • Acquisition
    • Elimination/Pruning
  • Cost Management
  • Sales & Marketing Acceleration
    • CRM Implementation
    • Marketing Automation
    • Acceleration Applications
  • ROI

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Data Management, Analytics & Forecasting

  • Database 
    • Management
    • Maintenance
    • Segmentation
    • Data Integrity
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Unifying data across departments
  • Forecasting
  • Calculating sales velocity
  • Dashboards/scoreboards

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Process Design, Adoption, Optimization & Compliance

  • Customer/Revenue Acquisition Process
    • Design
    • Optimization
    • Compliance
  • Content Management, Distribution & Control
  • Sales enablement
  • Process Automation

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Training & Coaching Design & Optimization

  • Sales Training
    • Curriculum Design
    • Compliance
    • Effectiveness
    • Product Training
  • Coaching
    • Optimization & Effectiveness
    • Compliance
  • Internal Comms

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