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Inbound Marketing isn’t what it used to be. It’s no longer enough to publish a blog post every week, create 1 - 2 landing pages to offer your latest checklist or ebook and then wait for the leads (and sales) to start rolling in.

Generating leads is easy, activating leads is not. Today most companies that have implemented inbound marketing or demand generation for years are experiencing Lead Activation Syndrome (LAS). They’ve filled their “top of funnel”, often with more leads than they can manage.

But instead generating higher volumes of quality sales conversations, opportunities and, ultimately, sales; it’s created more work, more complexity and more costs. Success has been diminished to creating incremental revenue growth, driven more by increased sales headcount and velocity than the leverage that the promise of Inbound was built on.

the-flywheelWhat Does Successful Inbound Marketing Look Like Today?

Inbound Marketing was never really about blogs, landing pages, premium content and social media. At its core, Inbound Marketing was all about flipping the traditional lead generation paradigm on its head. Successful Inbound Marketing was, and still is about:

Accepting the fact that, today, the customer is in charge and that the selling organizations need customers more than customers need sellers.

This means that to succeed your business develop:

  • A deep understanding of who your customer is, what makes them tick, what their problems and opportunities are and how they navigate their journey to address those problems and opportunities.
  • The assets that help your customers address their critical issues, whether they buy from you or not.
  • Strongly aligned marketing, lead generation, lead management and sales processes that align with you customer and their journey.

What Inbound Marketing Looks Like When You Work With Imagine Business Development

At Imagine we’ve always believed that Inbound is more a philosophy than a methodology. When you work with Imagine to implement your Inbound Marketing program you’ll orchestrate a series of actions designed to support the entire customer acquisition process. You’ll see that content can be just as effective at the bottom of the funnel as it is at the top.

With Imagine your Inbound Marketing efforts will be tied directly to your customer acquisition objectives and will be backed by data and metrics that enable you to assess, adjust and accelerate. Your Inbound Marketing program may not look like it did when Inbound was “invented,” but you’ll view it as an indispensable part of your revenue acceleration strategy.

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