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Impact Pricing

Our Approach to Pricing

Pricing the services we provide is challenging.  On the one hand, we want to keep our pricing as simple & transparent as possible.  This makes sense for 4 reasons:

  • It’s easier to understand
  • It reduces friction in the sales process, making it easier to put proposals together and (ideally) eliminating the questions and concerns surrounding price
  • It makes a buying decision feel “safer”
  • It’s easier for us to manage internally

On the other hand, we also want to embrace the variance that exists when delivering the types of services we provide.  For example:

  • No two companies have precisely the same needs or utilize our services in the same way.
  • With the programs we provide, seemingly small adjustments to the approach or with the means that a company may engage can have a significant impact on pricing drivers.
  • Consider our philosophy on pricing:
    • All tasks are not created equal.  
    • Some tasks take more time and have less value than other tasks.
    • Other tasks may not take much time but have a tremendous impact on outcomes.  
    • We firmly believe that pricing should be driven by the impact, not by the hours it took or even the effort.

While we can’t provide a clear set of pricing here, we can create clarity and transparency into how we price and how you can get the most from us within the reasonable budget/resource limitations you may have.

The 8 Dials of Price


While what we do with companies can vary significantly from one company to another, everything we do falls into 1 of 3 approaches.

Outcomes-focused programs: These are our high-velocity, intense programs and they're the ones that senior strategists are more involved in at the execution level. Outcomes-focused programs are geared to companies that are serious about achieving major growth objectives, want to hear the truth about achieving those objectives, and have (or are ready to devote) the resources needed towards those initiatives. 

When we work with clients on these programs, we operate very similarly to an executive and/or team within your company (we truly become an extension of your organization). We're charged with achieving results, are given the resources and influence necessary to make it happen, and are judged accordingly. Given the higher level of commitment, attention, and mindset needed for these programs, outcomes-focused programs require higher investments and typically include a success incentive fee.

Solutions-focused programs: Not everyone needs or desires programs as intense as our outcomes-focused programs. Companies may have goals and objectives that are less aggressive or they may have the core people, knowledge and resources in place to drive the results they desire. In these cases, you've identified a need to be filled and/or a capability that would enable you to accelerate your progress. 

For companies in this situation, we've developed deep and unique expertise through the entire customer acquisition and success process from our outcomes-focused programs that can be utilized to fill identified needs, bridge gaps, and enhance a company's ability to execute. 

Solutions-focused programs put the onus of results on you, the client. Make no mistake, we (Imagine) are still responsible and accountable for doing great work and providing the ingredients necessary for your team to achieve their objectives (and certainly, if objectives aren't achieved, we're not likely to last long). These programs typically require lower levels of investment and do not involve success incentive fees.

Services: Services are typically small, highly defined, and highly standardized processes designed to address specific needs or components associated with developing or executing a strong customer acquisition program.

We obsess about all aspects of customer and revenue acquisition and customer success. Our team, knowledge base, systems, tools and programs are designed to be able to support any and every aspect of that process with you. The breadth of the program we provide is the second dial.

We successfully work with companies providing support from senior team advisory all the way through to full outsourced programs where we execute core marketing or sales functions on a company’s behalf. We commonly integrate with teams to execute in complementary areas. The depth of support and execution you desire is the third dial.

Writing a blog post, creating an initial sales call script, creating a landing page to enable a visitor to download an offer are all examples of items that can be simple. Doing any of those things to fit specific scenarios to drive desired outcomes becomes quite complex. The nature of the situation and the level of customization required combine to determine the level of complexity, the fourth dial of price.

As Forest Gump learned, “Stuff happens.” Customer and revenue acquisition is complex and dynamic. The disruption caused by this can wreak havoc on progress and costs. If you’re like us, you’ve had the experience of working with outside marketing, advisory or creative services providers who deals with this by creating arcane, arbitrary and inflexible roles, scopes, SOWs and more. In some cases that approach is not a problem, in others, it can directly cause failure. We allow you to determine the level of flexibility that is right for you. Flexibility is the fifth dial.

At Imagine, speed refers to three things:

  • Iteration cycles: Sales and marketing is not a set it and forget it discipline. It requires ongoing iteration cycles to keep the strategy, tactics and execution fresh and effective. Iteration cycles refer to the timing and frequency of refreshing and resetting.
  • The expected turnaround/response time for various requests. We get it, stuff happens and sometimes someone needs something that they didn’t expect and they need it quickly. While we always strive to respond as quickly as possible, the expectation laid out in our service level agreement (and the capacity reserved for the unexpected) is the second element of speed.
  • The rate at which deliverables are developed and completed. For example, a playbook developed in one week will drive a significantly higher price than that same playbook developed over a quarter.

The speed dial is often the highest leverage dial for matching what’s needed to a limited budget.

When you consider working with Imagine, you should view it through the same prism as you would hiring an employee. The reason you hire Imagine is to provide, augment and/or reinforce a capability that is important to your business. Working with us is like working with an extension of your team. The talent and expertise that is required (or desired) determine who needs to be involved and what level of involvement is required.

When working with Imagine, our standard term commitment is 90-Days (learn more about our 90-Day Epics). For those companies that are willing to commit for a longer-term, increasing the Term will decrease the total. Additionally, if 90-Days is too long, we can move the dial down to the time period that works for you (of course, that will increase the fee).


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