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What is the black line between sales and marketing? We'll give you a hint, you have to watch Episode 1 to find out! Since 2017, CEO of Imagine Business Development, Doug Davidoff, and CEO of SeventhSense, Mike Donnelly have discussed a different marketing or sales topic on this podcast. People have described this as "sports radio for salespeople, marketers, and demand generators." In every episode you can expect to be taken on a journey as these two discuss, disagree, and form their opinions and ideas on these specific topics. Have a specific question that relates to sales or marketing? There's a good chance Doug and Mike have dived deep into it here. So, if you're looking to become knowledgeable while being entertained, start listening to this podcast. Every show is an adventure, and we're excited to have you apart of it. Here's to your growth!

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What’s a sales genius? It’s someone who’s committed to a learning and sharing mindset. They’re focused in the area of customer acquisition or customer success. They enjoy being challenged and they have what we like to call at Imagine a rookie mindset. They’re always learning, and so what this podcast is about is sharing very specific strategies, approaches, stories, and resources to help you do what you do better. It takes a lot of work to make something effortless, and our goal here is to be to help make that process easier for you. We’re going to be separating the myths from reality, sharing the truth about what works and what doesn’t work, and bringing actionable ideas to you. This podcast is one small piece of the overall puzzle.


The world of demand generation is changing every day. The opportunities for small and mid-sized companies (SMEs) are getting bigger by the hour, but making sense of all the complexity and changes has also gotten more difficult. Most of the material about demand generation out there focuses on either very large organizations, SaaS companies or both. We felt there was a hole for SME's and more traditional companies, so while we address technology and SaaS companies, we really dig deep into how more traditional companies can leverage demand generation strategies to accelerate growth and the value of their businesses. The highlight is the opportunity to share insights from others in the trenches of growing demand and creating predictable, sustainable and scalable growth. Also, at the end of each episode, we finish with a tech tip!