Service Deep Dive Profile

Service Deep Dive Profile Questions

  • What is your service team called?
  • How is the service team structured (org chart, roles & number of people in each role)
  • What's a day, a week, a month in the life of a service associate (SA) like?
  • What are their primary responsibilities?
  • What types of requests do SAs get? Which requests are more frequent than others?
  • How have these requests been managed in the past?
  • Does the service team handle or support sales in any way? If so, please explain.
  • How would you like to see them managed?
  • How does the service team define success?
  • What metrics are tracked?
  • Are there any service level agreements in place? If so, please share or outline them.
  • What applications does the service team use in addition to the CRM?