Sales Process Deep Dive

The goal of the Sales Process conversation is to understand the ebbs and flows of selling within your organization. In essence, what's a week/month in the life of a sales rep like?
Some examples of questions we will be asking:
  • How do you approach opportunities?
  • How do you view the progression of an opportunity? How do you know if you're in a strong position to win or there's a need to adjust?
  • What are the primary challenges and obstacles that you face in connecting with prospects and customers?
  • What aspects of the sales process do you feel are more difficult than they should be?
  • Why do you win business? Why do you lose business? Why do you lose business that you should win?

A Note on Deep Dive Conversations

Deep Dive conversations are designed to get your thinking started, so the agendas will be fairly loose at times. We'll know we have a good deep dive if the meeting is conversational in nature. We will allow the conversations to dictate the questions, as the greatest insights often come from the 3rd follow-up question that we hadn't expected to ask but asked because of something said.