Preparation for Reporting & Metrics Deep Dive

Objective: Gain an understanding of the existing reporting that needs to be replicated, and other reporting that needs to be created. Our conversation will also focus on the insights and actions you seek from reporting, metrics & dashboards.

Reporting & Metrics Deep Dive

The objective of this conversation is to get an understanding of what current metrics, reports, and dashboards you currently use, how you are putting those items together, what data you would like to report on so that we can be sure that the proper reports are constructed through the implementation process for you.

Preparation for the Deep Dive

Please send the following information to us in advance of your Deep Dive conversation:

  • A list of key metrics, KPI, or other tracking items.
  • Screenshots (or if you lack screenshots a list with explanation) of existing reports and metric visualizations that you are currently using.
  • Your thoughts on what you want to be sure we replicate in the new implementation and areas where you would like to see improvements.

Some examples of questions we will be asking:

  • What key reports do you use today? Where do you get the data for those reports?
  • What tools are you currently using for reporting (Google Analytics, HubSpot, etc)?
  • What are the key activities and/or behaviors would you like visibility over?
  • What are some questions you have that you're hoping for reporting, dashboards, and analytics to answer?
  • What reports would you like to have that you are not able to get?

A Note on Deep Dive Conversations

Deep Dive conversations are designed to get your thinking started, so the agendas will be fairly loose at times. We'll know we have a good deep dive if the meeting is conversational in nature. We will allow the conversations to dictate the questions, as the greatest insights often come from the 3rd follow-up question that we hadn't expected to ask but asked because of something said.