Marketing Activities Deep Dive

The goal of the Marketing Activities deep dive is to understand your current (and planned for the future) marketing efforts and the tools that you use to complete these activities. 

Some examples of  questions we will be asking:

  • What types of marketing emails do you send on a regular basis?
  • What tools do you utilize to send emails / automate communications?
  • Are you running any marketing campaigns?
  • What tools do you use to host content (video, written, etc.)?
  • Are you active on social media? What channels do you utilize and how?
  • Are you running any paid advertisements (PPC, Social, etc.)?
  • Are you running campaigns offline (direct mail, print, etc.)?

A Note on Deep Dive Conversations

Deep Dive conversations are designed to get your thinking started, so the agendas will be fairly loose at times. We'll know we have a good deep dive if the meeting is conversational in nature. We will allow the conversations to dictate the questions, as the greatest insights often come from the 3rd follow-up question that we hadn't expected to ask but asked because of something said.