Imagine - Blue Team Meeting Opening Ritual


  • Whoever’s turn it is will start off the meeting
  • They will bring a quote to share and will tell a story that aligns with one of the 7 first principles for radical execution
  • Afterwards they will choose who will go at the next meeting and which principle that person will tell a story on
  • They will also share why they chose that person to go next



  • We can exclude principles if one is getting repeated too many times
  • You can’t choose someone who has gone in the past 4 weeks
    • Try to get everyone to go once before repeating someone



  • Should be done at every blue team meeting (Alignment & Velocity)
  • Keep a document of quotes that have been shared
  • Hannah to take the recordings of the quotes / stories and store them
    • Once we have a build up, we’ll put together a montague