Database Deep Dive

The purpose of the Database Deep Dive is to get an understanding of data is being stored and managed, how things are being tracked (and what is being tracked), and to identify where potential gaps and issues within the database are.

Some examples of questions we will be asking:

  • What Key Data Points (frequently known as Objects such as Contacts, Accounts, and Opportunities in most CRMs) are you tracking?
    • How is each of the Objects currently being used? For example, leads versus contacts
  • How do new leads get into the databasse?
  • Is the a protocol for entering data into the database?
  • How do you manage duplication?
  • What integrations do you currently have with your database?
  • In an ideal world, how would the database/CRM work?

A Note on Deep Dive Conversations

Deep Dive conversations are designed to get your thinking started, so the agendas will be fairly loose at times. We'll know we have a good deep dive if the meeting is conversational in nature. We will allow the conversations to dictate the questions, as the greatest insights often come from the 3rd follow-up question that we hadn't expected to ask but asked because of something said.