Database Deep Dive Profile

Profile questions for the Database Deep Dive

  • Lead Flow
    • How do new Leads get into the database (e.g. manual entry, form capture, etc)?
    • Is there a protocol of required information to input information into the database for each object?
      • How is this information monitored?
    • How are Leads & Opportunities being assigned?
    • How are you tracking progress with Leads & Opportunities?
      • What (if any) third-party tools are you using the track this?
    Database Usage
    • How does marketing use the database?
    • How does the sales team use the database?
    • How does the service team use the database?
    • Does anyone outside of marketing, sales, or service use the database? How so?
    • Do you have any segmentation for marketing outreach and/or sales outreach?
  • Is data going to need to be put in HubSpot? Where is that data? How is it going to be accessed?
  • In an ideal world, how would the database work?
Follow up Actions:
    • Could you please provide access to the database(s) if it had not already been provided
    • Could we get an export of all fields/properties from the database(s)