Creating Deals Portal Page

Steps in the process:

  1. Create a contact list titled [Company Name] - Portal Access, using the following criteria:
    • Contact property "Associated Company" is equal to [use the company name]
    • Contact property "Buying Role" is any of "Deals Portal Access"
  2. Clone the website page "Template - Deal Page" 
  3. In setting change the following:
    • Internal page name to [Company Name] - Deal Page
    • Page title to [Company Name] Portal
    • Page URL - following "client/" add [company-name]-portal
    • Add the list created for portal access to the lists for Private registration required
  4. On page edits:
    • Insert company logo (set height to between 45 & 60) in place of "Insert Image" image
    • If the video file is ready, place it in the section "Walkthrough Approach & Proposal"
    • If documents are ready, add them below "Key Documents & Deliverables"