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Internal Portal

Primary Personas

  • Eric Entrepreneur
  • Gary Growth
  • Victor VP Sales
  • Morgan Marketing

Secondary Personas

  • Mary Marketing Manager
  • Sean Sales Development Manager
  • Dean Director of Sales

Tertiary Personas

  • Sam Sales
  • Fran Frontline

Decision Influencers

  • Oscar Operations
  • Frank Finance

The Problem We Solve – Sale 1:

Companies that desire smart growth have a problem: the dominant approaches are ineffective, increasingly costly, and not sustainable. Additionally, technology is disrupting the playing field, creating new forms of competition and accelerating the rate at which buying approaches are changing. These factors make achieving profitable revenue growth harder, and they also threaten the sustainability of companies.

The Best Solution – Sale 2:

Customer acquisition is akin to a highly complex supply-chain process, requiring multiple inputs to be effectively orchestrated in highly dynamic systems. Accelerating growth within acceptable cost constraints requires a deep understanding of what causes growth and a holistic and integrated approach to customer acquisition and retention.

Why We’re The Best Choice – Sale 3:

The Customer Acquisition Platform provides an organizational structure and engine that enables companies that demand high-velocity growth to align and manage the complex strategies, tactics, and actions required for success. Imagine then combines the right team with the right tools, technologies, and processes to create a high- impact growth execution which ultimately makes fast growth effortless.