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Novipro - Quebec-based business partner most like GHS. Big IBM Shop now moving to a broader spectrum of solutions and services - https://novipro.com/ 

Termach - Ottawa based business partner specializing in the fed gov't. - https://teramach.com 
ONX - Toronto Based business partner, larger than us but similar. They have a service developing websites, so as expected theirs is good (graphically a little dated, but effective) - https://www.onx.com/ 
Longview - Calgary-based technology services company. They used to be a reseller like us, but transitioned about 5-7 years ago to be predominantly services - https://www.longviewsystems.com/ 
CDW - A volume reseller. The largest in NA. I like their site - https://www.cdw.ca/ 
Softchoice - A volume reseller, largely of MSFT software, more recently cloud - https://www.cdw.ca/ 
Midrange - Toronto based IBM focused reseller. I think we have little to learn from them and their website illustrates that - https://www.midrange.ca/ 
Blair Technology - A very similar, though smaller company to us with the same level of maturity in services - https://blairtechnology.com/#s_3 
eSentir - Boutique cyber firm - https://www.esentire.com/ 
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