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As a business, the most important question you can answer is, "Who do we want to be a hero to?" A clear answer to this question allows you to align your marketing and sales efforts and begin to create predictable, sustainable growth.


Knowing the answer to this question is just the first step. You must also clearly define each of your buyer personas - those people who can directly influence whether your products and services are purchased.  


The opinions of your buyer personas are the only ones that matter. Clearly-defined, articulated and documented personas and messaging, allow you to create the alignment that is critical to creating predictable, sustainable and scalable growth.


The Demand Creator Blueprint leads you through a defined process to help you quickly and effectively define your buyer personas and create an impactful marketing message that connects with and influences them.


I Want to Talk To Someone About Creating Buyer Personas

The Demand Creator Blueprint


The Demand Creator Blueprint is completed during a six-week process designed to help you clearly document your buyer personas and develop impactful messaging to engage and influence them.

In this highly interactive process, Imagine's advisors lead you through an inquiry process that will bring focus and sharpness to your marketing, sales development and sales efforts.  

  • Marking your playing field: The journey begins with a focused assessment to define your headpin-markets - those markets that provide you the best opportunity to win and grow your business.
  • The "So What?" Conversation: Features and benefits are great, but there is only one question that they're asking all of the time and that is "So What?!" Clearly communicating how your features and benefits impact your personas is critical to your success.
  • Define Your Personas: For your primary personas, we work with you to create narratives for each persona (see example here) that become the center of your marketing and sales efforts. Additionally, we identify your secondary personas and develop clear profiles.

With The Demand Creator Blueprint you'll get more from all of your sales and marketing investments. The ability to direct, customize and personalize your sales and marketing efforts to the people and organizations you want to attract improves the likelihood of success and increases the average sale you make. 


I Want to Talk To Someone About Creating Buyer Personas

Resources To Help You Define Your Buyer Personas

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Creating A Point-of-View Message


The key to success in today's marketing and lead generation world is to deliver a message that resonates and challenges your prospect's current thinking.

Such a "point-of-view message" is crucial to winning the attention and engagement of prospects and to positioning your sales efforts for success. An effective Challenger Message will:

  • Demonstrate your company's capabilities and understanding of your prospect's world.
  • Immediately set you apart from your competition.
  • Highlight the true value you deliver, and sets the stage for a "What's it worth" conversation, instead of a "What's it cost" conversation.

Many times a company's message and their website presence contribute to losing a sale before you've even had a chance to play. An effective message will position your company strongly in your prospects' minds.

Let's Talk About Your Personas How You Can

Develop A Powerful Message


I Want to Talk To Someone About Creating Buyer Personas