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Understanding Strategy

Strategy is one of the most commonly used words in business – and the least understood. Salespeople who understand strategy see opportunities to capture a sale and obstacles to avoid that others don’t. Salespeople who can discuss and support strategic conversations are welcomed to the executive suite in buyer organizations; salespeople who can’t are barred.

We will cover:

  • What is strategy.
  • The language of strategy.
  • The difference between strategy and tactics.
  • How strategy is developed – and changed.
  • Talking about results.
  • Building results maps.

Managing the Territory As a Business

Whenever salespeople present their company with an opportunity, costs are incurred. Running a sales territory is much like running a business. When the salesperson pursues an opportunity, they are “borrowing” resources from the “bank” (their selling company), and the “bank” has every reason to expect the “loan” will be repaid in the form of closed business. Too often, the effective management of resources is referred to as “time management.” While time management is important, it is not enough. Salespeople who understand their business – and run their territories as a business – produce 4 to 7 times the profit of others.

We will cover:

  • Creating an effective opportunity filter/calculator.
  • Identifying worry signs.
  • Making ROI cases internally.
  • Understanding pricing and margins.
  • Leveraging efforts.

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