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Research by The Sales Executive Council, The Rain Group, Harvard Business Group and Bain Consulting demonstrate that the traditional sales approach is no longer working for companies of any size. For small and mid-sized businesses the problem is endemic. 

The customer has completely transformed the way they go about learning, gathering information, considering and ultimately making purchase decisions; yet the vast majority of selling organizations are still selling the way the have for decades, at best having made incremental changes.

To win business, your company must adapt and change the way you sell.


Sales Process Design


Peter Drucker, often referred to as the father of business management, was fond of saying, "You Can't Scale Genius." If your goal is to create predictable, sustainable and scalable revenue growth, you must instead build the genius into the system. 

The Zero Moment of Truth has changed the entire dynamic of how people buy. The question you must answer is, Has Your Sales Process Changed to Keep Pace?  

To win business faster while protecting your margins, your sales process must be fully aligned with your marketing process and with how your customers manage their decision-making and procurement processes. In short, you must transform your sales team into Demand Creators.

Imagine Business Development can help you with this transformation. We've developed the Demand Creator Sales Playbook™ to guide sales and sales management teams through the transition from traditional sales organizations to demand creator organizations. Based on more than 20 years of research and application into what drives sales success, the Demand Creator Sales Playbook is built to be quickly customized for your organization. Imagine will work with you to create a version of the playbook that is specific to your team. The Playbook includes:

  • Clear target market definitions and buyer personas for your sales team.
  • Full process and workflow maps to guide sales actions.
  • Customized sales toolkit to support sales efforts.
  • Sales management tools.
  • Customized playbook for each sales rep.
  • Senior team coaching to support implementation and integration.


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Sales Training Programs


Companies expend extraordinary resources in an effort to "differentiate" themselves from their competition. Yet when their salespeople engage with prospects, they look, feel and sound the same as everyone else.

The best opportunity to differentiate effectively is by developing a sales team that is viewed by your prospects as a resource that is capable of creating real value at every stage of the sales process.

We've created a series of training programs for salespeople and sales teams. All of our training programs are customized to your unique challenges and opportunities. Some of our most popular programs are:

  • Selling Successfully In A World Where The Buyer Has Total Control.
  • Successful account entry strategies.
  • Effective sales management strategies.
  • Moving "Beyond Price."
  • Shortening the Sales Cycle.
  • Business Acumen for Salespeople.

In addition to training programs, we offer individualized sales coaching for your sales team.


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