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The Customer Acquisition Platform


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Over 2 decades, we've worked with and studied thousands of growth strategies to identify the critical success path to predictable, sustainable and scalable sales and revenue growth.

If any of these outcomes are high on your priority list, see what we can do:

  • Increase your market presence & generate a higher volume/velocity of quality leads

  • Generate higher quality sales conversations from the leads you've created

  • Increase win rates, shorten time to sale and/or generate higher margins

  • Scale Growth

  • Improve Utilization and/or ROI from your growth tech stack

Impact Zones

What Our Clients Say

Imagine has fundamentally changed our marketing and sales process … producing huge returns in not only revenue but also driving down our cost of customer acquisition. Their systematic approach has empowered us to get up and running along with producing results incredibly quickly. The playbook that the team built has given us a much clearer path to predictable and sustainable growth.

-Mike Donnelly, CEO, SeventhSense


We’d spent years working to build our capabilities and differentiate ourselves from what companies think of as travel agencies. We realized that while we had a great offer, and even a story to tell, we needed a modern demand generation strategy that was as strong or stronger than the new level of competition we faced.

---Mike MacNair, CEO and President


Our company has been working with Imagine now since Sept of 2018 for guidance in both sales and marketing. We have a great sales and marketing team but just didn't have the go-to-market strategy or the appropriate structure in place to grow our business! With Imagine’s expertise, knowledge, and guidance we are making some great changes! We consider Imagine a part of our Cadre Team and look forward to continuing our partnership.

- Melissa Majewski, Cadre

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Imagine is the most differentiated agency we've worked with. We choose them due to their understanding of sales organizations and the unique challenges sales organizations face in the B2B market today, not just their marketing acumen. They continue to deliver on their unique approach and market thesis and help us "do the hard work" to change the way our sales and marketing team thinks and approaches the marketplace--across marketing operations, sales enablement, demand generation and messaging.

- Ryan Lynch, Concentric, LLC


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