Companies with strong sales and marketing playbooks see higher velocity and quality lead generation, greater team and rep attainment of sales quotas, higher win rates and shorter sales cycle times

Today, playbooks are more important than ever. In complex environments where more touches are involved and the difference between competitors continues to diminish, a strong, aligned approach across the entire customer acquisition process is crucial for success (or even survival). Before you say you don't need a playbook, realize you already have one. The question is whether it's documented and purposeful or not.

Webinar - The 7 Components of an Effective Sales Playbook

Wednesday, February 21, 2018, 2PM ET

The Lead Management Problem


98% of MQLs never result in closed business


64% of field sales people’s time is wasted on administrative reponsibilities around demand gen.


54% of sales reps won’t make quota this year.

Resources to Accelerate Demand Generation

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How We Work

Developing strategy, combining it with process and implementing successful demand generation programs...that's how we roll at Imagine. Our passion is helping small and mid-size businesses achieve predictable, sustainable and scalable growth. Watch our demo video to learn how we can help you.

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